Chrome parts restoration

We specialize in retrocars parts' restoration, corrosion removal, copper/nickel/chrome platings. We do all the preparations: grinding, smoothening, polishing, soldering, welding, replicas if necessary etc. Our mission is to make a part better than original: curveless, flat surface from different angles when looking towards the light.

Though we are based in Lithuania, we cover the matter of transportation. We guarantee none of the parts will be lost as we are the ones who take the order and we also delivering it ourselves. This is due we appreciate a feedback and face-to-face communication with our partners.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to email or call.

We visit Denmark once a month

  • Domas Kaminskas
  • Tlf.: +370 618 04 101
  • Eisiskiu pl. 127,, 02184 Vilnius, Lithuania, 02184


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